Lesson 1: Basic Grammar and Vocab I. Sentence form: A is B

Before we get started, let's learn simple vocab.

The copula ("to be")= mthr

Hanathlier uses Subject-Object-Verb sentence form. "Particles" are used to divide parts of the sentence, making it much easier to learn and listen to.

English format: The cat is pretty.
Hanathlier format: cat pretty is.

Now we add some particles. The subject marker, mo, is placed after the subject. The object marker, n, is placed after the object and before the verb.

Hanathlier particles: cat mo pretty n is.

Now, we have a sentence:

Fn mo bn n mthr.

II. Vocab
I= (oye)

To make a pronoun possessive, add an "n".

my= oyen
your= n
boy/him/he= f
girl/her/she= h
to walk: lthr
to learn: golr

To make an adjective negative, or form its opposite, add an "n".
slow: pthn


Translate the sentences and email them to me at oatiepoa@aol.com. You may also need to use the dictionary. I will check them and email back any corrections to you. : )

1. You are kind.
2. The animal is ugly.
3. He is kind.